Facebook post by H.L. Brown, Sheffield

NEW Prospex = X = Practical The Prospex solar divers are timepieces designed to be practical, reliable and durable within extreme or everyday environments for experts, sports lovers and adventure seekers alike. These wearable diver’s watches with sapphire glass are conveniently solar- powered meaning the watch charges from both natural and electric light. Prospex is a combination of the words ‘Professional’ and ‘Specifications.' #seikolover #seikoprospex #seikofan #watchfan #watchcollector #watchlover #watchestowatch View the Seiko watch collection in our Sheffield, Doncaster and Lincoln showrooms or online at www.hl-brown.co.uk @hlbrownsheffield @hlbrownwatches @hlbrowndoncaster @jamesusherjewellers