Facebook post by H.L. Brown, Sheffield

“The H L Brown Ambulance Shield”, competed for by First Aid teams and awarded from 1891 until 2016, features an embossed design in sterling silver depicting first aid at work. There is a sterling silver plaque with the names of the winners for every year. The list reads like a pantheon of the great Sheffield industrial giants. Competitive first aid used to be very important in keeping first aid skills primed and ready for the sort of accidents which occurred in the steel works and down the mines , in particular before the era of mobile phones, rapid responders and paramedics. The Master and Mistress Cutler would usually attend. The H L Brown Shield was highly regarded, and drew competitors from across the country. The scenario test was set and judged by doctors who gave their time voluntarily, not first aid professionals. This gave the competition a more relevant connection to the real world and the sorts of emergencies which first aiders would be likely to encounter @stjohnsambulance @hlbrownsheffield #awards #winners #firstaid #shield #competition #familybusiness #sheffield #hlbrownsheffield