Facebook post by M&S Sheffield Fargate

This weekend is Stir Up Sunday which means a) it’s only five weeks to Christmas (!) and b) it’s time to get BAKING! The practice of making a Christmas pudding or cake five weeks before Christmas dates back to Victorian times... and is still great fun to take part in with the family! Each member of the family traditionally takes their turn to stir the mixture while making a wish – Zoom in your friends too and bake-along with them to make the occasion even more “2020”! All of the ingredients you need for your bake, from Italian mixed peel to sun- ripened Turkish sultanas, are handily displayed together at Sheffield Fargate, along with recipe info. You can also visit our Stir Up Sunday webpage for more inspiration: https://www.marksandspencer.com/c/food-to-order/not-just-any- food/food-news/christmas-cake-and-pudding #mandslocal