Facebook post by Sheffield Makers Winter Gardens

It has been very very heart warming to have had so much support since starting our I Pledge campaign (and every good covid campaign deserves a rhyming slogan right?!)*⁠ ⁠ But in case you missed it - since losing so much footfall (even more so since going into Tier 3 - eep), and in an attempt to still be here when the VC Day** celebrations finally come around, we're asking for people to pledge to get at least one Christmas present with us this year. You can let us know by saying "I pledge" in the comments. Knowing that your pledges will turn into purchases is really helping us keep perspective on the quiet days.*** And seeing the pledges start to be fulfilled is giving us all the woops and jiggles needed to keep on keeping on (as well as the rent and bills money needed to keep the doors open).⁠ ⁠ Lots of you have already pledged - you really are Ledge's, Leg Ends and veritable Good Eggs. We really do have a bucket load of thanks for you.⁠ If not - it's never too late. Pledge now and set our hearts a flutter. ⁠ If you haven't been in yet you can visit Mon-Sat 11-4, or browse online at www.sheffieldmakerswintergardens.com for collection or home delivery.⁠ ⁠ *If this Government has taught us anything?!⁠ **Vaccination for Covid Day⁠ ***(preventing us from crying into our tea)